In many cases, it’s easy to diagnose someone who has a full-blown eating disorder, such as bulimia nervosa or anorexia. However, it’s not always that easy to diagnose those who suffer from disordered eating. To make matters worse, disordered eating is more common than people know. Because of that, more teens need an adolescent disordered eating treatment center than ever before.

What Is Disordered Eating?

Disordered eating is a problem that often falls under the radar. The reason is that it doesn’t meet the criteria in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM). The fifth edition of this manual lists four types of eating disorders, which include:

  • Binge eating disorders
  • Bulimia nervosa
  • Anorexia nervosa
  • Eating disorder not otherwise specified

frustrated teen begins treatment at an Adolescent Disordered Eating Treatment CenterJust because people don’t meet specific criteria doesn’t mean that they have a healthy relationship with food and body image. That’s where disordered eating comes into play. This term describes not meeting the eating disorder criteria but still have an unhealthy relationship with food and body image.

Psychology Today reports that nearly 50% of the population has an unhealthy relationship with food, exercise, and body image. Many of them are teens. Thankfully, adolescent disordered eating therapy in North Carolina can help them. Getting teens to help early can prevent these problems from developing into full-blown disorders.

Why Do Many Teens Struggle With Disordered Eating?

Teens might need a disordered eating treatment center in North Carolina for many reasons. In fact, a lot of problems stem from the public perception of beauty. Often times Instagram models and other social media influencers display unrealistic goals for themselves and others. Often, it leads to the development of unhealthy eating and exercise habits to fit a certain mold.

On the other hand, some teens develop disordered eating habits because of their friends. If all of their friends look a certain way, it’s only natural that they want to fit in. In order to do so, they might develop an unhealthy relationship with their weight and need an adolescent disordered eating treatment center.

Still, some teens simply struggle with their own self-image. Maybe an unknown co-occurring disorder makes them feel like they’ve lost control. With such chaos, the only control that they have is over what they eat and their weight. In a desperate attempt to gain some control, they take this to extreme levels.

How Can an Adolescent Disordered Eating Treatment Center Help?

Treatment for any disorder starts with therapy, and disordered eating is no different. Disordered eating therapy can help teens deal with the cause of their eating problems. Addressing the source of the problem early can prevent teens from having eating disorders later in life. Thankfully, a disordered eating treatment center can help teens do just that.

Foothills Adolescent Rehab Can Help Your Teen Overcome Disordered Eating

Is your teen in need of an adolescent disordered eating treatment center in North Carolina? If so, Foothills Adolescent Rehab is the right facility for your teen. Our friendly staff can help him overcome disordered eating. We can help your teen get his life back on track.

Of course, Foothills Adolescent Rehab is more than just a disordered eating treatment center. We also offer programs to help teens overcome co-occurring disorders. In fact, we create custom treatment plans specifically for male teens. A few of the services that we offer include:

Don’t wait to start looking for a disordered eating treatment center for your teen. Get him the help that he needs at Foothills Adolescent Rehab. Contact us at 855.281.8543 for more information about our programs.