Adolescent Treatment Center

Substance abuse doesn’t only happen to adults. Adolescents can struggle with it, too. Of course, their reasons for abusing drugs and alcohol are often different from adults. As a result, the need for a North Carolina adolescent treatment center is more important than ever. However, what makes an adolescent rehab program different from an adult treatment facility?

What Is an Adolescent Treatment Center?

An adolescent or teen treatment center is a facility that focuses on treating a specific age range. Foothills serves adolescents between the age range of 14 to 17. When focusing on this age range, our program can better address the unique needs of teens rather than a center for adults or one with wide age ranges.

What to Look For in a Teen Treatment Center

When families look for a teen treatment center in North Carolina, they should find one that customizes its programs. Each teen has different needs and uses substances for different reasons. It’s up to the rehab center to uncover these reasons and design the treatment plans accordingly.

Next, families should look for an adolescent treatment center that offers gender-specific treatment. Teens tend to feel more comfortable around peers of the same sex rather than trying to impress members of the opposite gender. A gender-specific program takes that distraction out of the equation. Then, it becomes easier for teens to focus on themselves.

It’s also important to find an adolescent treatment center in North Carolina that treats more than just adolescent substance abuse. Very rarely does a teen suffer from just drug abuse alone. Instead, underlying co-occurring disorders can lead to substance use. Loved ones of adolescents need to find a rehab center that can address these underlying issues as well.

The Importance of Family Therapy

happy and healthy teen at school after treatment at an Adolescent Treatment CenterAlong with treating teens, the best adolescent treatment center will also offer support for family members. Some substance use issues can stem from the family. In order to get to the bottom of the problem, therapists must work closely with each family member.

Finding an adolescent treatment center that offers family therapy is a good place to start. It includes education about substance abuse for every family member. It can teach them more about what teens experience on a daily basis. This program gives them information about how to make the recovery process easier as well.

Help Beyond Substance Use Disorder

Often, teens don’t struggle with just one problem at a time. They deal with other co-occurring issues as well. Teen treatment centers should offer programs to these underlying causes.

Sometimes, these programs deal with problems that are unrelated to substance use. For example, it’s not uncommon for teen centers to treat disordered eating and process addiction simultaneously. Offering these services allows the facilities to help even more teens get their lives back on track.

Get Help for Your Teen at Foothills Adolescent Rehab

Are you looking for a teen treatment center in North Carolina? If so, you can’t go wrong with contacting Foothills Adolescent Rehab. We’re a substance abuse treatment center that helps male teens overcome substance use problems.

Our focus on offering multiple treatment programs is what separates Foothills Adolescent Rehab from other treatment facilities. As an adolescent treatment center in North Carolina, all of our programs keep the needs of teens in mind. A few of the programs that we offer include:

Get your teen the help that he needs. Reach out to our adolescent treatment center for help getting your teen’s life on track again. Contact Foothills Adolescent Rehab today at 855.281.8543 to start the healing process.