People often associate substance abuse with an adult problem. Since teens experiment with drugs and alcohol, they can also struggle with substance abuse. However, teens and adults require different programs when it comes to treatment. For that reason, it’s important to enroll teens in a substance abuse treatment center for adolescents.

What to Look For in an Adolescent Substance Abuse Treatment Center

Every teen has different needs when it comes to overcoming substance use disorder. As a result, picking the best adolescent substance abuse treatment center seems difficult. The main focus, however, is to pick a facility that deals specifically with teens. The substance abuse problems that they face are often different from those that adults face.

Likewise, people should look for a treatment center that offers gender-specific care. It’s easy for members of the opposite sex to distract teens. Because of that, they lose focus and don’t get the most out of rehab.

Certain Teens Are at a Higher Risk of Abusing Drugs

young man entering an Adolescent Substance Abuse Treatment CenterAny teen who uses drugs is at risk of developing substance use disorder. However, some teens are at a higher risk than others. For example, substance abuse occurs more frequently in teens who engage in risky behaviors. Some of these include dangerous driving and unprotected sex.

Teens who grow up watching family members abuse substances are at a higher risk too. On that same note, those who live in abusive environments often turn to drugs and other substances for relief.

Lastly, teens who struggle with other co-occurring disorders usually struggle with substance abuse. In most cases, these go untreated, so teens turn to drugs to cope. With repeated use, they need help from a teen substance abuse treatment center in North Carolina.

Why Do Teens Abuse Drugs?

The factors that put teens at a higher risk for abusing drugs aren’t necessarily the reasons that they abuse them. There are many reasons why they might try drugs and eventually need a substance abuse treatment center.

For example, some teens abuse drugs out of sheer boredom. It’s often the case for teens who don’t enroll in after-school activities or have a job. They need something to fill their downtime, and they turn to drugs for that.

Another reason why so many teens need an adolescent substance abuse treatment center in North Carolina is stress. Like adults, teens deal with stress on a nearly daily basis. For some of them, it becomes too much, so they use drugs as a solution.

Some teens choose drugs just because their friends use them. Those who grow up with friends who use drugs are more likely to use them too. It’s a similar situation as teens who grow up watching their parents use drugs.

Regardless of why teens turn to drugs, they often need help overcoming drug abuse problems. That’s where a teen substance abuse treatment center in North Carolina comes into play.

Count on Foothills Adolescent Rehab for Your Teen Rehab Needs

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As a substance abuse treatment center for teens, we also provide gender-specific treatment. In fact, we’re a male-only treatment facility. A few of the services that we offer include:

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