Adults aren’t the only people who deal with substance abuse and co-occurring disorders. In truth, these problems usually start during adolescence. Because of that, finding an adolescent rehab center is significant. However, what should families look for in a teen rehab facility?

What Is an Adolescent Rehab Center?

As the name suggests, an adolescent rehab center in North Carolina is a treatment facility for teens. Most of the time, such a facility won’t admit people who are over the age of 17. The goal is to help teens of a specific age group in order to offer dedicated and individual treatment.

Also, it’s not uncommon for an adolescent rehab center to offer gender-specific treatment. Once again, that has a lot to do with boys and girls having different needs during recovery. Focusing on just one sex makes it easier for the facility to provide a customized experience. On that same note, not having members of the opposite sex around makes it easier to focus on treatment.

What to Look For in an Adolescent Rehab Center

Finding a teen rehab center in North Carolina may seem easy because there are plenty. However, families don’t want to send their teens to just any rehab center. They want to send them to a facility that provides the best chance of making a full recovery. In order to achieve this, they have to know what to look for in an adolescent rehab center.

The first thing to look for is family counseling. Co-occurring issues can often shut down lines of communication between teens and family members. Family counseling can restore communication and allow the healing process to start.

When families choose a teen rehab center in North Carolina, they should select one with individual and group therapy. Both of these have benefits of their own. As a result, teens must have access to both during adolescent substance abuse treatment.

In addition, it’s a good idea for families to find a treatment center that conducts psychological testing. Most of the time, the cause of substance abuse in teens stems from underlying co-occurring issues. Failure to address these issues can result in the recurrence of substance abuse after treatment.

When to Get Help

Families often wonder when they should get help for their teens. The sooner that they seek treatment, the easier that it will be for the teens to recover.

In general, families should get help as soon as they notice problems. If they miss the early signs, the mental health problem will interfere with their teens’ daily lives. Even at that point, it’s never too late to seek treatment for teens.

Adolescent Rehab Helps Teens Overcome Co-Occurring Disorders

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